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Welcome to Classic Arms & Archery

We have been in business for over 7 years. Keeping people on target with the knowledge, expertise and experience to purchase the firearm that they have always wanted. Archery bows and accessories are a specialty of ours as well. Your satisfaction is our main goal. Check us out!

Classic Arms and Archery has a large selection ranging from Sporting, Military and Tactical to Antique and Collector firearms of all types from all over the world. We often hear people say "We can't believe you have one of those, I've been looking for years". We go beyond the purely collectible by having all kinds of firearms, both antique and modern in our store. Our knowledge and availability of tactical firearms and long range guns is second to none as well.

Collectors, hunters, marksmen and cowboy action shooters, as well as casual plinkers will all find what they need. We have an ever changing inventory of hundreds of new and pre-owned rifles, pistols, revolvers and shotguns. If collector and military knives are what you love we have them. We stock knives from Randall, William Henry, Striker, Chris Reeves, Spartan, Benchmade and many others.

We are not your average gun shop. Come visit us and see the difference. Get acquainted with our expert sales staff, many of whom have broad experience in shooting/or collecting related disciplines. No matter what you're collecting or shooting interest, your patronage is always welcome and appreciated.